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Wordmarks, icons and graphic elements — and how to use them in your campaign.

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would you? Logo and Wordmark

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. But it’s the right thing to do.

“Would you?” is the question we need to ask right now. To prevent tragedy in the future, we must take responsibility for the culture we create. We need to look within, question our assumptions and inform ourselves about our options. And we need to do the right thing. This logo turns the idea of the question into a mirror of the audience itself. By drawing “you” into “would,” we are asking the campus community to go deep, to question, to reflect and to act.

Would + You = Would?


Would You wordmark (gray)

color variations:

Would You? logo (black You) Would You? logo (red You)


WY logo orange in circle
WY logo black in circle
WY logo gray in circle
WY logo orange
WY logo black
WY logo gray

co-branding wordmark:

WVU Would You? Lockup (Gray)

co-branding icons:

WY WV lockup black
WV WY lockup black w/circle
WV WY lockup gold and blue
WV WY lockup gold and blue w/circle

would you? Graphic Elements

primary color palette:

245, 245, 245 | #f5f5f5

236, 86, 60 | #EC5B3C

90% BLACK | #414042



Helvetica Neue LT Std Heavy Extended

Wouldn’t it be great if you and everyone else did the right thing?

Joane Stencil Black

graphic elements:

Red ball w/question mark
Line with question mark
Red ball with question and exclamation marks
Red ball with 911


WY pattern


focus on an obscure mark to draw attention. Can be used with or without supporting copy.

Poster w/pattern
Poster reading it isn't even a ?
Poster reading Would You?

Asking the Question:

“would you?” used in consistent, repetitive way with adaptable subheads.

Would you do the right thing? poster
would you standby and watch poster
would you make the right call poster


“Would you?” does not need to be the headline for every application. Use of icons for hierarchy.

Gray poster with would you and logo
Gray poster with "I'm sorry" headline
Gray poster with Save a Life headline


Emotional. Type can be used in headlines to show mixed messages.

That feeling when you realize you could have done something poster
that feeling when you realize that the drunk kid at the party never woke up. poster
that feeling when you remember leaving without your bff and she never made it back home. poster



Poster in a series with headline Don't Wait
2nd poster in a sequence reading Time is Vital
Third poster in a series reading Minutes matter


Educational. Be direct.

1st poster in 2nd series reading Don't Wait
2nd poster in 2nd series reading Call 911
3rd poster in 3rd series headlined Hazing