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Join us in educating and empowering communities to save lives.

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Download resources to create a safer campus.

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Don’t Wait


time is vital in a possible overdose

Minutes Matter.

Would you help someone in need ?

Take ownership of each other’s well-being. Call 911 if a life is in danger.

Book a Screening

Arrange a screening of "Breathe, Nolan, Breathe," the emotionally-charged documentary that follows what unfolded when college freshman Nolan Burch — forced to drink a bottle of whisky — overdosed on alcohol.

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Medical Amnesty

Many states have laws that protect you from liability if you seek medical attention. Act quickly when others are in danger.

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Hazing violates the law in almost all U.S. states —and the student conduct code at most institutions. If you suspect hazing, report it.

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Learning from Sorrow

A day before the fifth anniversary of WVU student Nolan Burch’s tragic death, the University community gathered for a screening of the documentary film “Breathe, Nolan, Breathe” and an open discussion about preventing future tragedies.

Saving Lives through Awareness and Education The NMB Foundation

Dedicated to the memory of Nolan M. Burch, the NMB Foundation empowers young adults to recognize and prevent the dangers associated with hazing.

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